Historical Photos

These images are from A History of Mount Stuart by D. H. Metcalfe and are reproduced with the kind permission of Mr. Peter Forrest.

In the foreground, the intersection of Montagu Street with Doyle Avenue. Montagu Street rising up to the left, up to the intersection with Gordon Avenue. Benjafield Terrace is above (circa. 1920’s).

View Looking south west, showing Benjafield Terrace with Darling Parade above (circa. 1920’s). The house at the top left is Eskdalemuir (now 5 Muir Court).

View from below Benjafield Terrace, looking north west (circa. 1920’s). Gordon Avenue is in the immediate foreground. The intersection of Montagu Street with Doyle Avenue is in the center of the picture.

Dr Benjafield’s House, originally called ‘The Willows’, later ‘Mimosa’ now 466 Elizabeth Street. Photo taken in mid-1990’s.

‘Lyndhurst’, originally the family home of the Hon. C E Davies. Photo taken in mid-1990’s.

Scrimshaw image of the Mountstuart Elphinstone. Photo taken in mid-1990’s.