Mount Stuart is a residential suburb of Hobart (Tasmania). With its post code of “7000”, it is considered as an inner suburb of Hobart, lying north of West Hobart, west of North Hobart and south of Lenah Valley.

Photo of Mount Stuart Primary School by Maddie Burrows

Geographically, the suburb of Mount Stuart is situated on a prominent ridge which trends east-west, running downhill from Knocklofty (a foothill of Mount Wellington) to Elizabeth Street (Main Road). The ridge is bounded by Providence Gully on the south side and Augusta Road on the north. The north face of the ridge provides commanding views up the Derwent River looking towards Mount Dromedary and across the northern suburbs of Hobart; the south face has equally commanding views overlooking the city centre and the lower reaches of the Derwent Estuary.

Photo by James Semmens

Mount Stuart is almost entirely residential, with some 1100 homes or households. There is a substantial primary school with attached kindergarten, a central hairdressing salon, St James Church just outside our boundary and a few shops on the outskirts of the suburb, and a large community hall, the Mount Stuart Memorial Hall.

Walkways and Backtracks

Mount Stuart is fortunate to have a many convenient walkways, back tracks and connecting steps that allow pedestrians to move around and explore the suburb and its surrounds away from road traffic. Besides links between streets there are pathways to West Hobart through the Leonard Wall Reserve, to Lenah Valley via different routes and to the Knocklofty Reserve.  Why not use the map to follow your own route for exercise, family walks and exploration? Click on the link Walkways and Backtracks of Mount Stuart Map